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0xBitcoin General, weeks 33 and 34, 2018

Since the vast majority of the discussion is on the Discord and thus not quite as easily accessible as it could be, then I've decided to start a general thread here to get more information out. It's probably appropriate to keep it bi-weekly for the moment, but that will definitely be revised as the community grows and the interaction gets more frequent.
Some general stats:
Mining difficulty: 864,881,523 (next: ~660,719,268)
Estimated hashrate: 560.78 Gh/s
Rewards until readjustment: 804 (~2.0 months)
Current average reward time: 107.81 minutes
Tokens minted: 2,980,550 0xBTC
Token holders: 4300 holders
Total contract operations: 184324 txs
Tokens required to be a top holder:
Top 10: 35486.89301407 0xBTC
Top 25: 20096.4049453 0xBTC
Top 50: 12550 0xBTC
Top 100: 5776 0xBTC
Top 200: 2500 0xBTC
Top 300: 1348.08 0xBTC
Top 500: 545.46623471 0xBTC
Top 1000: 144.43724951 0xBTC
Some general stuff that's been happening on the Discord lately:
1) A user named Bog offered to help us with advertising towards the Chinese market, claiming to have a lot of expertise in this field. Since that process is rather time-consuming, then he asked the community for a pay of 500 0xBTC in return. However, being a grassroots project, the community doesn't really have that much money to throw around and the offer was declined. Bog agreed to volunteer the work in return for donations. If he does indeed manage to pull off what he promised to do, then his efforts will greatly advance our cause. If you find this work to be valuable, then you can donate to him at 0xb98A7fE6Ce9195d7c173E7bc31E58b5Ade1BFEcf
2) Fexra, a developer for Turtlecoin, dropped by our Discord and had a bit of a chat with the community. He seemed to be pretty impressed by our project and commended it for its integrity. He also introduced the basics of Turtlecoin, which looked to be pretty promising for such a low cap coin.
3) A user named Avidity offered to get us listed on for $500 to $1000. Infernal_toast declined the offer, stating that "there was no ICO sorry; no funds; go list a centralized ICO coin; pure mined just isnt for you maybe; the better DEXes will have the pure mined tokens".
4) 0xBitcoin was listed on Coincheckup, where it got a coin rating of 3.1/5, mostly owing to its non-existent brand awareness and marketing.
5) There was some general talk about new exchange listings. It turns out many decent exchanges like YoBit and Bittrex (and even Binance) list coins for free if they are innovative enough and provide some actual value. 0xBTC ticks those boxes, but larger exchanges usually want a bit more liquidity and some more users on an asset before listing it, so we're probably still a while away from those.
6) Userbrn ran a community donation for a marketing fund that ended up reaching 0.45 ETH and 298 0xBTC. The ads will be shown on different crypto-themed subreddits and will run for approximately a few weeks, directing people to the 0xBitcoin sub.
If you're interested in knowing more about any of these points, then just go to the discord and search for the users or topics mentioned to avoid manually scrolling through the history. There's probably a bunch of stuff that I missed and also a lot of things that are yet to come, so feel free to add whatever you think is missing and let's keep this thread updated over the course of the next 2 weeks.
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How To Send Bitcoin From GDAX To Binance For FREE!

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